100 Day Business Plan Template

That pressure can put you in a place where you’re constantly reacting, derailing your long-term strategy.

As you consider the advice above, be sure to take time to reflect on your best path forward.

That space will allow you to process all the internal and external drivers thoughtfully, and formulate a tailored plan that best meets the needs of the teams and the business.

This post is part of a new series on 21st century human resources (HR) practices.

They view their role as aligning the people strategy to support the business needs and objectives, not just compliance and oversight of core HR functions like benefits and recruiting.

So how do successful CHROs approach their first 100 days in a new job?During your first two weeks on the job, put this together and share with your CEO so they know where you are going to be spending your time.In each of your one-to-ones, bring this back to reference and discuss progress and/or impediments.This may help explain why the profile of a CHRO is changing.Many of today’s HR executives are business operators who focus on people.Start a 2-by-2 chart of your ideas for initiatives and those from feedback–with one axis being High or Low impact and the other being Easy or Hard to start.Use this to plan how you’ll prioritize, as it’s different for each organization.–Onboarding for any new CHRO always should be heavily focused on learning, starting by listening to the people in the organization about what’s working, what’s not working, what’s missing, and what’s possible.The series explores new and next approaches in the field of HR.Each month, we’ll cover topics ranging from emerging practices, HR technology, diversity and inclusion, and other areas related to the future of work. Listening more than talking is critical in having the information you need to set priorities of the work.–You have at least 4 key client groups–the CEO, the executive leadership team you are on, the HR leadership team you lead, and the employees of the company.Develop a thoughtful plan to devote meaningful time to get to know all of them.–When you come into a new HR role, there’s a tendency to want to “fix” everything you see that’s wrong, but some of those quirks are what define organizations.


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