5 Paragraph Essay About Technology

5 Paragraph Essay About Technology-65
In this essay recourse will be made to the various steps that are necessary for the formation of a distance contract, the various prior information that is required to be given by the supplier to a consumer by various laws, the issue of domain names, the issue of whether the subject matter of the contract is one of goods or services and what the law provides, the issues of performance in a contract such as part- performance and the consequences of non performance by parties to the contract in relation to services that a consumer is entitled to such as delivery services, maintenance services, refund, the rights and duties of both parties to a contract, remedies that are available to the consumer in the case of disputes that may arise, different requirements of an information service provider in relation to distance contracts and the provisions of information society services.It is also inevitable that in distance contracts, disputes are likely to arise as a result of the fact that such contracts are concluded by electronic means which are not completely efficient as they have their disadvantages, the issue of conflict of laws and jurisdiction tends to arise in the sense that either party will want to enforce the law that will give more redress to them.

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This technology also allows people to communicate with one another either through email, instant messaging, or verbal chat.

Telephone lines and coaxial cable make these connections possible.

I believe that the internet operates fairly well depending on the type of connection you chose to have.

For instance a dial up connection isn't as reliable as say a cable or a T1 or T3 connection.

As much as inconsistencies may arise in the issues revolving around the formation of e-contracts the above concerns have propelled the need to examine consumer rights related legislations, since in most cases, it is believed that consumers are the disadvantaged parties in a distance selling contract.

The question of issues does not arise without a dispute being present in regards to e-contract and in this case distance selling contracts.

A cable connection is about 50 dollars a month and a T1 connection could be as expensive as a couple hundred dollars a month....

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Costs of internet can vary according to which connection you chose to have.

The average dial up connection cost around 20 dollars a month.


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