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Due to his unique routines annually his teachers make a point to meet with Sedaris’ mother. Sedaris offers the teacher’s drinks evolving from scotch to sherry and entertains the teachers with exaggerated stories to lighten the seriousness of his actions.From the way Sedaris’ mind-set to the reactions of others recalled a lot of memories.It was easy to relate to his situations and a certain comfort came from “Plague of Tics.” Still to this day for as long as I can remember, I have had weird habits that bother me if I do not do them.David Sedaris is a one of the best-selling authors.One of his books is called "Naked." In this book he talks about his life.After youve chosen the story you want to analyze, spend time thinking about what you understand to be the theme of the story.Then, you need to determine which particular element of fiction you want to focus on as your way in to analyzing the theme of the story.In it, Sedaris describes, in vivid and humorous detail, the obsessive compulsive behavior that plagued his life from grade school into college. do these things because nothing was worse than the anguish of not doing them."Each year, a teacher called on his mother to discuss the strange tics.From licking every light switch encountered, to counting each of "six hundred and thirty-seven steps" on the way home from school, "pausing every few feet to tongue a mailbox" and having to retrace his steps if he lost count, Sedaris was compelled to " . His mother took his behavior and these visits in stride: "The kid's wound too tight, but he'll come out of it. " "She suggested my teachers interpret my jerking head as a nod of agreement.He would have rather been socially accepted by putting himself in danger by smoking cigarettes in place of performing his rituals.Since so many people smoke cigarettes Sedaris wanted to fall in the percentage of Americans as a smoker versus falling in the minority and being categorized as someone with OCD.


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