A2 Level Design Technology Coursework

A2 Level Design Technology Coursework-50
The Spring term is a combination of producing practical prototypes and final outcomes in the workshop along with theoretical work to prepare for the written exams in the Summer term.

Coursework tasks are set by the examination boards but are usually varied and students design and make a vast array of exciting and professional shop quality products.

Year 9 students usually begin by learning the foundation skills needed in all DT areas, with the coursework usually starting in Year 10.

Head of department: Mr A Johns Overview Design & Technology at Jubilee gives students a fantastic opportunity to explore and create with a range of modern materials and processes.

Starting in Year 7, all students are exposed to four main areas of DT including Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Textiles and Food & Cookery.

The students rotate the same four areas of DT but with more in-depth study and personalisation of the projects.

They are encouraged to utilise the latest manufacturing techniques to further their work and utilise different materials within the same project.

Students will be encouraged to develop a critical understanding of the influences of the processes and products of design and technological activity from a historical perspective and in current practice.

Fifty percent of the overall award is earned through design coursework projects where students are expected to adopt a commercial approach to designing and making their own products. The examination is a synoptic assessment requiring students to work across different parts of a qualification and to show their accumulated knowledge and understanding of a topic or subject area.

Students also learn how to plan, evaluate and design a range of products with confidence.

Year 9 In Year 9 students can choose which area of DT they would like to specialise in, with GCSEs offered in Graphic Products, Resistant Materials and Food & Cookery.


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