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After studying fine arts in college he went to medical school where he spent five years in the anatomy department preparing cadavers for dissection; his anatomical training greatly influenced his paintings.

After studying fine arts in college he went to medical school where he spent five years in the anatomy department preparing cadavers for dissection; his anatomical training greatly influenced his paintings.

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We started holding Full Moon ceremonies in our home in Brooklyn in 2003, had a spiritual creative art center in Manhattan for five years, and now an artists refuge. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is yourself, the temple of your body and the temple of your spirituality. If we do not get along, our progress is impaired in making something beautiful and of having a sustainable relationship with the planet. To make art and have others love it and want to see it is a terrific honor. At 21 I worked in the Anatomy department at Harvard Medical School, preparing exhibits on the history of medicine and disease and preparing cadavers for dissection by medical students.

Unless I’m mistaken, you seem to both now thrive on the notion of patronage – you’re financially supported by your fans and followers, who pay you to express yourselves through art. Every creative person yearns to live by their creativity. We decide what art we are making and we make it to serve the greater good. At 26 I was a medical illustrator and for ten years I taught anatomy to art students at New York University (NYU).

Our bodies are marvelous gifts of biological evolution that we have the good fortune to experience in our brief life span. Love is the highest principle and experience and is the way of all religious teachings. Do you prefer to spend long periods of time painting, or is it split up into many shorter sessions? We are also founders of a church on 40 acres of land with over a dozen employees and many volunteers. We produce or license images and sell them to benefit the building of a sacred temple. I’ve read in High Times that you work in your loft, where you prefer to have your family and library nearby. Do you have an ‘artist at work’ sign posted somewhere? Arguably your most famous works, The Sacred Mirrors, took a decade to complete. Did you realize that you were creating works that would come to define you as an artist? Allyson inspired and later named the Sacred Mirrors series. At that time, they were the most affirmative statement I could make as an artists to connect the human and the divine, a dissection of the self through the layers of body and soul.

Many people – myself included – first found your work through Tool album covers. Allyson and I have worked within eye shot of each other for thirty-six years. The project IS our art so we are always making our art. The paintings pointed in the direction of a new kind of figuration for me, something I call, “Transfiguration,” the physical body in relationship to transcendental light. The other beautiful thing that the Sacred Mirrors memorialize is one of our most profound psychedelic experiences.

His specialties are spiritual and visionary art for which he is famous all over the world.

Grey is an unconventional personality and was always interested in controversial and morbid issues from childhood.

Their answers formed the basis of my 800 word story for , which you can read here.

Our full email interview is below; Alex’s answers are included verbatim, without editing.

The philosophical framework from which one could view the artwork is an integral and consciousness evolutionary perspective. Bach, Beethoven, Shubert, Shpongle, Ott, Fats Waller, Led Zepplin, Tool, loads of trance music, Toires, Heyoka, Crystal Method, Animal Collective, Bob Dylan, Canned Heat, Joe Satriani, John Fruscianti, Moby, Peter Gabriel, The Beastie Boys, Clash, Stones, The Beatles. Recently, at Daniel Pinchbeck’s documentary film premiere of 2012, Sting came up and hugged Alex. Our daughter Zena queues us into a lot of new music. Sacred space has always been created by the intertwined wills of people dedicated to a divine purpose.

This is a crucial time for humanity when all the world religions are becoming familiar with each other. Your larger pieces are often reduced in size to appear in various media – books, calendars, postcards, and on the web. Is anything lost in the art, when it’s reduced from the original size? We’re huge fans and look forward to seeing them on our last night in Australia. We are both rather avid scholars of Tibetan Buddhism and we hung out once at a Dalai Lama event. Creating and sharing sacred art can be a form of worship and service, introducing a transformed world view to community and activating cultural renewal.


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