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And I can't tell you exactly when or why my attitude changed, but eventually my own lines began to unabashedly disregard the rules of depth or tonality to which I had once dutifully adhered, my fervor leaving in its wake black fingerprints and smudges where once had existed unsoiled whiteness.

It was in this studio that I eventually made the leap into a new realm of art—a realm in which I was neither experienced nor comfortable.

Late evening rays streamed through these sprawling glass panes, casting a gentle glow upon all that they graced—paper and canvases and paintbrushes alike. The instructor sometimes talked, and we sometimes listened.

As day became night, the soft luminescence of the art studio gave way to a fluorescent glare, defining the clean rectilinear lines of Dillon Art Center against the encroaching darkness. Most of the time, though, it was just us—children, drawing and talking and laughing and sweating in the cluttered and overheated mess of an art studio.

“Born in Bulgaria, lived in California, currently lives in Bulgaria” is what I always write in the About Me section of an Internet profile. Seuss books and the PBS Kids TV channel, Twizzlers and pepperoni, Halloweens and Thanksgivings the yellow school bus and the “Good job! ” Twenty hours later I was standing in the middle of an empty room, which itself was in the middle of an unknown country. No matter what I was doing, I could sense its ubiquitous presence. Just when it seemed to have faded away, it reappeared resuming its tormenting influence on me—a constant reminder of all that could have been.

Hidden behind that short statement is my journey of discovering where I belong. It was then that the “what if” — my newly imagined adversary—made its first appearance. What if I had won that national competition in the United States? What if I became a part of an American non-governmental organization?Though, on the surface, Bobby’s essay explores the contrast between the abstractness of his art and the order of rest of his life, it also mirrors the history of art itself.Just as Bobby the old artist had “the proportions just right, the contrast perfected” in his sketchbook, so too did the painters of the Renaissance work tirelessly to master perspective—to make art seem as realistic as possible.English competition, third place in English Language Olympiad, third place in Bilingual English/Russian competition Major: Social Anthropology Sponsored by College Choice Counseling: has been helping students apply to college for over 15 years.Located in Birmingham, Michigan, with team members in New York and California, offers educational advising, application preparation and ACT/SAT tutoring.ESSAY As a child raised on two continents, my life has been defined by the “What if…? What if I had actually been born in the United States? What if we had stayed in the USA and had not come back to Bulgaria?These are the questions whose answers I will never know (unless, of course, they invent a time machine by 2050). When my mother said “We are moving back to Bulgaria,” I naively asked, “Is that a town or a state?Indeed, not only does this essay document Bobby’s development from child to young adult, but Bobby’s art also matures from something orderly and superficial to something abstract and deeply meaningful.What separates Bobby’s essay from a well-written story, however, is the subtextual narrative it provides the reader.With the top applicants from every high school applying to the best schools in the country, it's important to have an edge in your college application. Because to me, there was only one "it," and "it" was a little less than two thousand miles west, an unassuming little office building located amidst a cluster of similarly unassuming little office buildings, distinguishable from one another on the outside only by the rusted numbers nailed to each door.These are 10 Harvard application essays and profiles from students who made it in. Inside, crude photocopies of students' artwork plastered the once white walls.


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