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He calls her, but hangs up in a panic when she answers.Angela uses *69 to call Jane back, and Jane is horrified when she realizes what happened.When Angela learns about the camera incident, she fills Jane in on what she knows about the new boy's sordid past.

Appearance Vs. Reality Essay - American Beauty Essay Conclusion

The shot transitions to the grainy camera, and it becomes apparent that Ricky is filming the girls.

As Jane walks into the house, she realizes that she is being filmed and calls Ricky an asshole, but it is clear that she secretly likes the attention.

The next morning, while Jane showers, Lester goes through her address book and finds Angela's number.

Meanwhile, Carolyn drags Lester to a party associated with her work.

She forces him to say hello to Buddy Kane, the "Real Estate King", and his wife Christie. He is working at the party as a waiter, and he invites Lester to go outside and get high with him.


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