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The men smile rather than laugh and moments of hesitation fill this story.This creates an undercurrent of dread which is the core of this story and becomes even more powerful when the reader feels those reactions without knowing he or she is feeling it.Along with being ironic this short story also has the characteristics needed to be classified as an irony mode of literature. Losing your life as a prize for winning the lottery fortunately isn't realistic.

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The reader has to feel the cohesion of the story in ways that are easy to miss in the first reading.

Without this, the end of the story will feel far more like being blindsided than it does a twist.

There are people in other villages who have abandoned the lottery and eventually perhaps this town will change as well.

But that change, like all important changes, won’t be fast or easy.

This helps to strengthen both the surprise and horror of the story.

In addition, it helps to keep the reader from catching onto the basic idea of the story.

The idea being that by being able to simply heap all of their aggression onto one person they are able to free themselves of it for another year.

Whether either of these is true or not, the ambiguity left by the author as to the reasons for the lottery is one of the most important themes of this story, because the fact that the people of the town don’t know the reason for the lottery is vital to the point that the story is trying to make.

One of the most interesting points of “The Lottery" is the exploration of the reason the lottery in the story exists.

The choice of the author to not explain this is one of the most important choices in the story.


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