Analytical Problem Solving Questions

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We’re splitting the question examples into technical roles and roles that involve people skills. There can never be a template for critical thinking interview questions because each position and company differs, so use these as a guide to inspire you.

You’ll notice that the issues listed above are very broad and there’s no right or wrong answer or outcome.

There’s a trend to ask brainteaser questions during interviews to measure a candidate’s response, but please don’t go that route. Asking something like “Jo is one of three children. Instead, you’re evaluating the candidate’s response rather than skill.

Virtually every department has positions that profoundly impact outcomes for other team members, customers, production, sales, your company brand, etc.

Don’t be surprised if you get an “mmm, I’ll have to think about that…” response initially — people with developed critical thinking process information before reacting or responding.

This process may be gradual, developing as a situation evolves, or decisions may be made quickly depending on their skill level.

Whether they have to think on their feet or address long-standing problems, people with well-developed critical-thinking skills can face a given situation and resolve it in the best way possible.

They also don’t hesitate to make unpopular decisions if it’s in the best interest of the company or people involved.

People who have high emotional intelligence and developed critical thinking skills won’t give you any old answer.

Faced with a complicated situation, their critical thinking will kick in, and they’ll most likely ask you some questions for more clarity.


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