Ap Us History Essay On Articles Of Confederation

Ap Us History Essay On Articles Of Confederation-16
B) the Articles of Confederation gave too much power to the state governments.C) adopting a new constitution would spark rebellion in states across the union.

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During the mid-1780s, however, the new nation seemed about to collapse as quickly as it had been created.

The first constitution of the United States was the Articles of Confederation, adopted in 1781.

“‘Are we to have the goodly fabric, that eight years were spent in rearing, pulled over our heads?

’ There is great danger that it will be so, I think; unless the tottering system shall be supported by arms, and even then a government which has no other basis than the point of the bayonet, should one be suspended thereon, is so totally different from the one established, at least in idea, by the different States that if we must have recourse to the sad experiment of arms it can hardly be said that we have supported ‘the goodly fabric.’ In this view of the matter it may be ‘pulled over our heads.’ This probably will be the case, for there doth not appear to be virtue enough among the people to preserve a perfect republican government.” -Letter from Benjamin Lincoln, the general who put down Shays’ Rebellion, to George Washington (Source) Shays’ Rebellion raised Washington’s concerns that A) the country needed a new constitution strengthening the central government.

Seeing no relief, the farmers organized and began a series of protests that shut down the courts.

Eventually, Shays organized an army of over a thousand rebels who marched on the arsenal in Springfield. The militia pursued and eventually the rebellion was defeated, its actors fleeing to neighboring states.

Shays’ Rebellion was an uprising in Massachusetts that followed the Revolutionary War.

The rebellion was spurred by high taxes and economic depression among rural farmers of the state.

The rebellion was named after its de facto leader, Daniel Shays, a former captain in the Continental army.

The rebellion was sparked by the outrage of rural farmers who were losing their land due to their inability to pay high taxes.


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