Ap Us History French And N War Essay

In order to lessen that debt, they began to strictly regulate trade, and impose taxes on commonly used items.

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The colonist believed that they were not allowed to be free and were angered by this.

After the French and Indian War, England was left with a great debt they had developed during the previous years.

Liberal ideals were realized in Supreme Court decisions that expanded democracy and individual freedoms, Great Society social programs and policies, and the power of the federal government, yet these unintentionally helped energize a new conservative movement that mobilized to defend traditional visions of morality and the proper role of state authority.

The French and Indian War, or The Seven Years War, lead to certain events that caused the Americans to realize that their English liberties were being denied.

After the War, (Doc A) England and Spain took over the French land in North America.

Even though the land was Britain owned, the English government didn’t want the colonist to go past a certain point, the Proclamation Line of 1763. B) believed "they had no right to settle." The Proclamation was Britain's idea of preventing further conflict.

Which two treaties ended the Seven Years’ War (also known as the French and Indian War)? policy opposed European colonialism in the Americas?

History exam includes 55 multiple choice question, 4 short answer questions, 1 document-based question, and 1 long essay.

The British colonists of mainland North America had great hopes for the future in 1763, when the Peace of Paris formally ended the Seven Years’ War.

Since the late seventeenth century, their lives had been disrupted by a series of wars between Britain and the “Catholic Powers,” France and Spain.


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