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Online surveys: If you mention the use of an online survey program, such as Survey Monkey or Qualtrics, just provide the URL in your text, in parentheses. Obscure Reference Generator (Version 4.1) [Computer software].Note: You should provide reference entries for specialised software or computer programs with limited distribution. Retrieved from Synergy (Version 2.0) [Computer software]. Simply enter the details of the source you wish to cite and the generator will do the hard work for you, no registration is required!

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For more detailed information please consult a print copy of the style manual available at the SFU Library and at the SFU Bookstore.

For the best printing results for this guide, use the printer-friendly PDF format The following example is for a table you have reproduced in your paper exactly as it appears in another source: Same format or state, no reconfiguration or new analysis.

Personal communications are not included in the reference list because they do not provide recoverable data. Note that the author may be an individual but is often a group or company, as shown below, and that the date reflects the year the version you used was released, even though previous versions may have been released in different years.

Examples include emails, personal interviews and specific information from social media sites that others are unable to access. If the app is a reference work (like a dictionary, encyclopedia, or medical reference), it's also possible to cite an entry in the app, just like an entry in a print or electronic reference work.

, only provide a citation, if you quote directly from the test, or paraphase it in any way.

Otherwise, if you just mention the test, ensure you capitalise the title.This guide is based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed. It provides selected citation examples for common types of sources. This guide divides references into different formats for ease of use.Hover your cursor over the APA Formats tab above to select the format you want, or select from the links below.The exact format of references to theses and dissertations is dependent upon whether the thesis/dissertation is published or unpublished, and how it is available (via a database, institutional repository).For a thesis submitted at one institution but hosted on another site, the reference would look like the example below.The Dream (Rousseau, 1910) baffled art critics when it debuted, mere months before the artist's death in September of that year. The phenomenon of ‘syzygy’ (see Figure 1) in the night sky over Chile. Syzygy (when three or more celestial bodies align in the sky) visible above an observatory in Chile. , by Creator's Name, year of creation, Database/URL. If the test is known by its acronym, i Treat brochures, pamphlets, fact sheets etc. Indicate the type of publication in square brackets after the title, unless the publication type is included in the title.When the publisher is the same as the author, write ' Author' as the name of the publisher. Surname, personal communication, Month Day, Year) (Interviewee First Initial. Surname, personal communication, Month Day, Year) References: Mobile applications, or apps, are a type of software that runs on devices such as smartphones and tablet computers (such as i Phones, i Pads, and Androids) as well as web browsers (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox).


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