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•If you’re going to take a flying leap off a picnic table, don’t do it in the covered smoking area. “Spray and Pray” applies to many, many things that have nothing to do with mil-issued weapon systems. •(And my favorite, because the dumb*** worked in my office) If the duty NCO has the key to the restricted area, and he’s out of the office, WAIT.

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•If you are a rabid Red Sox fan and the armorer is a rabid Yankees fan, do not taunt him on his team’s playoff collapse the day before you go to the machine gun range.

•Do not send him the 2004 ALCS on DVD for his going away present when he gets orders for Korea either.

Great indeed was their power at the period of the French Revolution.

The Moralia, on the other hand, consisting of various Essays on various subjects (only twenty-six of which are directly ethical, though they have given their name to the Moralia), are declared by Mr.

(Submitted by Dan Zelman) •Do not put pictures of Willem Dafoe in drag in the battery training meeting slides after finding out that your commander hates Boondock Saints.

•Do Not tell brand new 2nd LTs the 1st Cav Division patch stands for “The Horse they never Rode, the River they never crossed and the color of their bellies” right before the Battalion and Division Commanders give them a welcome to the unit briefing.

•Do not borrow ,000 from installation MWR for a unit activity then leave the country without paying them back. (Submitted by Cadet Vittles) •”United-fucking-States of Ameri-fucking-ca” is NOT an appropriate response to the Captain asking where you are from •”A professor told me to crawl through a wind tunnel” is not a good excuse as to why your dress pants are dirty •Will not yell “Who likes short shorts?

I like short shorts” during PT •I cannot play with a ceremonial weapon unless I’m qualified to use it •And even then, I can’t use them for “Mortal Combat” •Axe-bombing (taping down the button and using the canister as a grenade) is not a good way to make friends •Riding the fast cadets in PT is cheating •”Fox-twat” does not refer to the letter “F” •”I’m only a freshman” does not get you out of doing work •Yelling “One, two, three, four, I love the Air Force!

Paley "to be practically almost unknown to most persons in Britain, even to those who call themselves scholars."1 Habent etiam sua fata libelli. Montaigne, who was a great lover of Plutarch, and who observes in one passage of his Essays that "Plutarch and Seneca were the only two books of solid learning he seriously settled himself to read," quotes as much from the Moralia as from the Lives.

And in the seventeenth century I cannot but think the Moralia were largely read at our Universities, at least at the University of Cambridge.


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