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Along with this is the affirmation of the spiritual dimension of the person, the "higher" or "transpersonal" self, in addition to the personal and prepersonal ("lower" self).

The Higher Self is seen as a source of wisdom, inspiration, meaning, and unconditional love.

Psychosynthesis is an approach to personal development and psychology developed by Roberto Assagioli.

It has since been developed and extended further by various other individuals and groups.

Plus distance education, group courses, books, and articles to download.

From the very beginning of our life we encounter problems that we try to find solutions to.Other SPs again can be completely subconscious and inaccessible t awareness even for oneself, like "The Inner Child", "The Critic".These hidden and/or subconscious SP can sometimes create problems, like inner conflicts, way of acting that one doesn´t recognize or understand, sudden bursts of emotions, etc.The process towards self-knowledge and inner growth The goal of Psychosynthesis is to help us become aware of all parts of ourselves, and to integrate all parts into a integrated, well-functioning, held-together personality, characterized by maturity and integrity.To help us experience that we are more than the sum of our SPs: in the center of our psyche there is a central "I", which in itself is not a SP, but rather a clear center of Observation and "clean" Will.Repetition and feed-back develop these strategies over time, until they are built up by whole clusters of specific reactions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs - full-blown subpersonalities start to emerge.Subpersonalities are activated subconsciously A specific Subpersonality (SP) is activated by the type of situation we encounter, when the situation in some ways remind of or are similar to an situation early in life, the one that was the starting-point for the formation of the SP.The purpose of Psychosynthesis is to further the ongoing process of evolution, and so to achieve a synthesis, a coming together, of the various parts of an individual's personality into a more cohesive self.That person can then function in a way that is more life-affirming and authentic.we identify with this part of ourselves) in "wrong" situation.Open and concealed parts of us Other SPs can be conscious but hidden from others, like for example "The Adventurer", "The Rebel", "The Seeker".


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