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As in this example, you should use Courier New 12-point as your font and make sure that you double space both the entry and the annotation and that you indent the annotation one tabulation (everything but the first line of the entry itself should also be indented, and I prefer to have the annotation start on a new line).

It is okay for the annotation to be a sentence fragment, but .

In the sample annotation below, each element is numbered (see Key).

Fike The next stage in your term project is an annotated bibliography, which combines a bibliographic entry for each source you think you may use with a brief description or evaluation of that source.

An annotated bibliography may be a component of a larger project or it may be a stand-alone assignment. We strongly recommend that you also follow your assignment instructions and seek clarification from your lecturer/tutor if needed.

While an annotation can be as brief as one sentence, the standard annotated bibliography consists of a citation followed by a short paragraph. Depending on your specific assignment, an annotated bibliography might: When set as an assignment, an annotated bibliography allows you to get acquainted with the material available on a particular topic.If you want, you can create a bibliography in two sections: primary sources and secondary sources. Q: I hate to legislate this, but I want to be sure that no one relies heavily on only one or two sources; therefore, I am requiring a minimum of 5 secondary sources (secondary = Shakespeare criticism), plus the play you are writing about, plus any primary sources (history, philosophy, mythology, psychology, etc.).n brief, that you should use signal phrases and parenthetical citations in the text of your paper, include footnotes or endnotes for important information that does not fit in the text, and append a list of works cited on a separate page.Q: Are we allowed to cut annotations from electronic sources and paste them into our papers? However, not all of this is relevant to the annotated bibliography assignment.As you may have guessed, there isn’t one; APA Style doesn’t use bibliographies of any sort.In addition, though, the reference list in APA Style contains only the information that is necessary to help the reader uniquely identify and access each source.An annotated bibliography summary should be about 100 - 200 words per citation—check with your lecturer/tutor as this may vary between faculties and assessments.Please also check with your lecturer about the elements each annotation should include.Ill expect you to have a minimum of 10 sources on your bibliography (your play plus 9 critical sources, that is, works of Shakespeare criticism). Remember that MLA format recently changed: use 8th edition format, not 7th.The critical sources really ought to be a mixture of books and articles. Q: What sort of things should we keep in mind regarding MLA format?An excellent formula for an annotation is as follows: [Source] argues thesis (some idea about the content).Obviously, in order to write such a statement, you will need to READ into your sources. Or go here for extra help if you do not want to use a handbook.


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