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Employed mothers tend to cease from breastfeeding their babies and eventually stop and just resort to formula feeding as they go back to work.The study also showed that mothers who are married and living with their partners are more likely to breastfeed their infants than single mothers.

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Those with higher educational attainment resort more to formula feeding and mixed feeding than those with lower educational attainment.

Health care professionals influence mothers the most when it comes to infant feeding decisions.

A list of all health care facilities (maternity and lying-in clinics, public and private hospitals, health centers) was acquired from the Las Piñas City Hall.

From 20 barangays, 3 will be picked through random sampling.

Infant feeding practices refer generally to meet the nutritional and immunological needs of the baby.

A study of infant feeding practices was carried out on a sample of 100 mother and infant pairs.The discipline investigates the “why” and “how” of decision making.Besides this, the researcher will also examine the phenomenon through observations in numerical representations and through statistical analysis.Data collection was conducted throughout the facilities‟ and health centers‟ operating hours from Mondays through Sundays in order to include both working and non-working mothers.Respondents The respondents in this research will all be coming from one single location - Las Piñas City, specifically the randomly selected barangays of Pamplona I, CAA/BF International and Pamplona III.Introduction The melamine controversy that erupted during the last quarter of year 2008 brought people’s attention back to the debates between breastfeeding and the use of breast milk substitutes like commercial infant formula.This wasn’t the first time that infant formula had caused illnesses and even deaths to infants worldwide - hence the continuous campaign of World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF along with other breastfeeding advocates, for mothers to breastfeed their children at least until 6 months of age.While majority of the mothers in this study showed a positive attitude towards breastfeeding, most of them decided only to formula feed due to the reasons of insufficient milk supply and work.Based on the results of the study, the educational attainment, work status, marital status, and seminars in the barangay the respondents are part of, about breastfeeding, are the significant factors that affect the infant feeding decision of mothers in Las Piñas City.The health care facilities and institutions in these three barangays will then be the target sources of respondents of the researcher.The health care facilities and institutions will be contacted to obtain a verbal consent to administer the questionnaire to mothers at their places.


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