Avoid Using Contractions In Essays

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In some cases, two or more unvoiced consonants are put together (e.g., ).

In some cases, two or more unvoiced consonants are put together (e.g., ).Consonant clusters can slow down singing and speaking and also create phonological noise and ambiguity.By being forced to completely eschew contractions, you are required to more carefully consider your word choices.

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They are shibboleths -- a form of virtue signalling used between members of a group to recognize others like them so they can exclude outsiders from preferment.

If you want to enter a group that protects its membership with shibboleths, you will have to learn to imitate those shibboleths in your interactions with the group. This may include different teachers, different schools, and different employers.

It depends on whether you would use the contraction in speaking that particular sentence (e.g. It also depends on whether the contraction would help or hinder the rhythm that would suit your sentence for proper emphasis.

Simply download the Grammar e Book Understanding the Parts of Speech.

Consider both the auditory and lingual physical experiences of the following ways that say approximately the same thing: is the hardest of the three to say (barring a speech impediment), because of the contraction, which places the voiced /n/ right against the unvoiced /t/.

To listen to, it could be considered harsh and creates a stop in the sound because of the /t/.Finally, even though we got here by discussing sound, note the stronger and more nuanced meaning of .Not only are contractions fairly "weak" words, their expanded forms are rarely much better.In all three of the above cases, mostly because they are spoken aloud and heard, as opposed to read, tone and meter are highly important.By , I mean the pattern of strong and weak syllables.A conversational style can be appropriate for many kinds of writing, but developing the skills to write in other styles is at least helpful, and in some cases it's critical.I can think of three types of writing off the top of my head where attention to seemingly minor details, like contractions, is very important: lyric writing (poetry and song), dramatic dialog, and political speeches. Potentially all writing can be improved by attention to word choice, but details of word choice can be especially critical in these three categories.I don't see why writing it fully out is better than using a contraction, since it's shorter and it doesn't affect your argument.Is this rule just because it's more informal, and should contractions be avoided in all formal writing for school, and in things like resumes?Contractions share a few tonal qualities that can be problematic.Contractions are formed by eliminating vowel sounds and compressing two or more consonant morae into one syllable.


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