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From the way he carries out his work, Jones labels Banksy a guerilla conceptualist whose humor works effectively both in the streets and in galleries.

He however sees Banksy’s humor as too one dimensional and dark-sided to last long in a museum gallery and attributes this to the fact that Banksy did not go to college.

This essay seeks to illustrate some of the responses that Banksy’s work has received from critics and reporters alike.

To this end, various articles will be analyzed and the opinions of the authors extracted.

In his review, Jones analyzes the features that make Banksy’s work appeal to a wide audience.

First is the fact that Banksy is talented and not merely someone who got into the trade as a matter of necessity.

Joanne sees Banksy and other graffiti artists as individuals who are committed to speaking on behalf of the voiceless public.

“The graffiti writer aims to claim some space to give voice to those who they would see as the disenfranchised”.

Banksy’s work is seen by Jones to be mild with a welcoming familiarity.

Jones also claims that the conservationist style used by Banksy is a display of laziness and that his work does not deserve the incredible attention it has been receiving from the public.


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