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This is particularly important for patients with chronic illnesses and those diagnosed with diseases that might be fatal.

This is particularly important for patients with chronic illnesses and those diagnosed with diseases that might be fatal.

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You'll be provisionally registered with a licence to practise while completing the first year.

Full registration is awarded when you've completed year one.

Chronic illness can be controlled as doctors strive to help the patients lead a normal life without restrictions in their lifestyle.

Direct impact: Doctors work directly with people to bring cure and impact lives.

Further, medical machines and computers that power them become smaller, faster, and smarter – making the entire health care system more accessible and effective for patients.

Although technological advancements aid the process of health care, at the crux of these advancements is the humanitarian work of a doctor and his or her practice of medicine.

It is the shared decision making of a doctor and a patient that has considerably increased life expectancy in this decade.

Doctors play an important role and sometimes make all the difference to a patient’s life.

Here are some factors that explain the importance of a doctor: Experience: Doctors receive several years of training before they start practicing medicine.

This includes about 10 years of course-work which involves a specialization, followed by an internship and many years of tedious training as a junior doctor.


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