Best Book On Problem Solving

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Best Book On Problem Solving

Whenever you feel lost or don’t know what to do, take an intermediary step of analysis.However, the trick to solving such a seemingly complex problem elegantly is to not jump at the above question in the first place.Instead, break down the problem into various aspects.That’s why it also applies to all potential solutions you subsequently brainstorm.If you want to confront your boss with the below average salary claim, you better bring lots of data from good sources to back it up.However, the pool of choices you’re left with is still just a set of ideas.There are no guarantees that you’ve identified the correct causes or that executing a chosen solution will actually bring relief.Get more data, reflect on new information, then change course.With an approach like this, you’ll never really get stuck.In this example, “not enough money to pay mortgage for desired house” can be divided into “too little income,” “too high expenses,” and “expectations of future house.”Once you have categories, it’s very easy to continue digging. For example, you could now list causes for the “too little income” category, like “my company pays less than the industry average,” or “I was passed over for a promotion.” When going along these sub branches, you can mark each one with yes or no, to determine whether it’s actually part of the problem.With a proper breakdown in hand, it’s much easier to analyze the causes and potential solutions of your problem.


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