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Research has confirmed over and over that people join direct selling companies with goals to earn some part-time income. Take a good look at what the options are for part-time income. It’s a short list: Only two of these options offer residual income opportunities (#6 and #7).Only one can be done at minimal cost without a large investment and that option is the one your company offers (#7).

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Today, direct selling companies whose sales are made primarily to their independent representatives are at risk of FTC actions due to a lack of customers who are not representatives.

Here are my recommended strategies for direct selling companies to have more “real” customers: Your story must be told again and again and again.

These challenges are: What are you and your direct selling company doing to win the day? It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization. Amazon provides a superior shopping experience, because it addresses each of the four attributes most important to shoppers.

In one place, you can shop for an item by comparing prices from multiple vendors.

No, I’m not talking about a “get rich quick” story, or even a get rich slow story, because that is not what most people are seeking.

I’m talking about telling the story that most people who join your direct selling company want to hear.Customers and representatives should be encouraged to submit product reviews which the software would make available – just like Amazon does – to customers during the ordering process. While customers and representatives are placing their orders, the MLM software could make upsell suggestions based upon the purchase history of similar customers. Unlike Amazon, a direct selling company should be focused on increasing orders placed with it, not on increasing orders placed with many companies through one platform.Your direct selling company should have a loyalty program that specifically encourages and rewards placement of multiple orders with your company. Referral loyalty programs reward customers for referring other customers who make purchases.To compete with Amazon, direct selling companies need to find ways to make the purchase process even more personal. Even more could be done to make personal relationships stronger.For example, during the order process for a customer, an option could be added to be able to text you to ask a quick question about a product.If you don’t answer within 5 minutes, the question could be forwarded to a corporate employee to respond immediately.Some companies provide “chat” functionality only during regular business hours. All it takes is using technology to make the shopping experience more personal.For many people, direct selling is a way to supplement their incomes, although some people transition successfully to full-time gigs. It's such a well-known brand that you'll never have to explain what it is.When considering taking the plunge, read the fine print and ask a lot of questions before committing; most won't refund your investment cost if you change your mind. Your mom and even your grandma may have shopped with Avon, as this venerable company has been around since 1886 (years before women had the right to vote in the U. Offerings include makeup, skin care, bath and body products, fragrance, jewelry, fine silver jewelry and fashion, so it's basically one-stop shopping.Then, in 2015 the Federal Trade Commission sued Vemma and in 2016 it imposed a settlement requiring that Herbalife restructure its business.Both actions were taken specifically because of a lack of customers who were not representatives.


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