Bilateral Prothesis

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View our patient success stories ⇾ “My prosthetic arm has made a huge impact on my everyday life.

I can hold a fork to cut my meat or hold a plate while I'm dishing it up.

For Andrea Zinn, who was diagnosed with stage IIIB breast cancer in her right breast at age 32, the answer was wearing a breast prosthesis or artificial breast form. They can be made from several different types of materials, such as silicone gel, foam, or fiberfill, to create something that has a similar weight and feel to a natural breast.

Some breast forms adhere directly to the chest area, while others fit into special bra pockets that help hold the prosthesis in place.

When it came time for my mastectomy, I wasn’t too upset to see my breast go! The form fits so well against my chest wall that it feels like part of me.

I’ve had to be cautious about not wearing a low neckline, but my surgeon did a tremendous job of giving me the illusion of cleavage with the type of incision she did.

I went to a local lingerie shop that was a covered provider on my insurance plan.

I met with a professional fitter who took one look at me and brought out the perfect prosthetic on the first try!

I’m not a great candidate for a breast implant, and I am not really interested in having the DIEP flap procedure that was recommended to me.

It’s a big surgery, and I wasn’t willing to take on the risks. She also had a single mastectomy and wears a prosthesis.


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