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All drawings, calculations, design, assembly, simulations, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) were done by the Autodesk Inventor, 2016 Engineering Design Software.The results are: Flat lever analysis: The maximum displacement achieved was 0.0000008642mm, while the safety factor was 15ul and so the design of the flat component was acceptable if subjected to loads as exposed. Compactor frame analysis: The maximum displacement was 1.605mm and considering the fixed-end would not actually be fixed in the actual machine, this displacement was found to be acceptable.On the other hand the field of masonry elements has been left behind, these materials are not reinforced with steel and often have non-structural use.

For single components however there would be a need to reduce the " overdesigning ".

The study accomplished design simulation and analysis of manual block-making machine, resulting in 3D-view of the final assembly of the machine (made of mild steel) with all standard notations.

This result represents the second in recycling of PET around the world, just behind of Japan.

The main application of PET recycled are performed in textile industry (39,30%) and the consumption by construction industry is so small that it was not recorded in survey.

It is being always challenge for researchers to make interlocking brick with light weight...

more Interlocking bricks masonry has gained rapid popularity in many foreign countries as an alternative to conventional bricks for sustainable housing.In this project the effects of seawater will be analyzed to make masonry elements, evaluating their impact on the characteristic properties of these materials following the regulations of Mexico, an optimized mixing design was proposed to use seawater to obtain suitable properties of concrete blocks.Interlocking bricks masonry has gained rapid popularity in many foreign countries as an alternative to conventional bricks for sustainable housing.In 2011, a study conducted by Brazilian Association of PET Industry (ABIPET) revealed a growth of the level of recycling of PET in 304% between 19.In absolute numbers this represents about 294 kilotons.Palavras-chave: Bloco de Vedação, Sustentabilidade, PET ABSTRACT Among the materials with potential of recycle, the PET (polyethylene terephthalate), is widely used in different industrials sectors.However, the use of this recycled material in construction industry is insignificant.Um estudo realizado pela Associação Brasileira da Indústria do PET (ABIPET) em 2011 revelou que houve um acréscimo de 304% na recuperação do PET de 1994 a 2011, totalizando cerca 294 Ktons cujo principal destino final foi aplicações nas indústrias têxteis (39,30%), não sendo contabilizada parcela de consumo para construção civil.Assim, o presente trabalho apresenta os resultados de uma pesquisa experimental desenvolvida com o intuito de testar o uso do PET triturado em substituição da areia natural nas frações de 15%, 30% e 45% para a fabricação de blocos de concreto prensado com incorporação de PET reciclado.This paper reports the synopsis of design simulation and analysis of manual block-making machine; it is a small fraction of a bigger research-study.Analysis of the various components that make up the final design was done in order to...


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