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My friends were having a soccer tournament that day. The 98-degree soccer field had absorbed the fluids from my body like a grape dehydrator to make raisins. I quickly reach for the trunk of the car reached into the cooler, and I grabbed a bottle of water.

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World-wide the bottled water market is $50 billion, “the site says in its bottled water be statistic page (1-2).

I once thought that I was paying this valuable amount for bottled water because I was getting a purer, tastier, and safer water to drink.

The tap water is then processed and bottled by the distributor.

In fact, Aquafina and Dasani, which are two of the largest bottling companies and are owned by Pepsi and Coke, are merely treated domestic water.

When they purify this water, they take out all the bad chemicals that will make you sick.

Chlorine for example is what public pools use to clean the water to make the water free from germs.We could go into any market, deli, or restaurant in America and buy a bottle of water for one variety or another. We should not drink bottled water out of convenience, because of the economic and environmental consequences.A large amount of bottled water is just domestic water.Tap water has chemicals, and dirt that can make people sick, and it is not pure water like most bottled water companies.Even though 25% of bottled water is just tap water disguised, the other 75% is pure and whole water.Many people were hospitalized because they got sick.Most people love tap water instead of bottled water, but most people are surprised to hear that the perfect water they think they drink is just dirty filthy water that is never clean.“In 2006, 44 percent of the bottled water sold in the United Sates came from domestic supplies and was labeled drinking water or purified water.” So why are we spending so much on for this tap water, which up to thousands of times the cost of average tap water, depending which brand it came from?According to Drop the Prop, “Americans spend over billion each year on bottled water.If you are really thirsty, then grab a bottled of water and go to your job, gym, really anything.Just remember that bottled water is good for you and drink as much as you can.


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