Brave New World Allusions Essay

One of the major themes in deals with the conflict between the individual and society.

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“Passing” the course is NOT going to help you later in life if you haven’t learned how to think critically when given the opportunity for guidance during your early studies.

The Indian guide leads Bernard and Lenina into the reservation, where the smells and the sight of poverty, disease, and old age immediately assault them.

He explains that his mother was like Lenina, a woman from civilized society, who some hunters had saved.

Bernard concludes that John's mother was the woman the Director had taken to the reservation twenty-five years ago.

has become an essential part of many high school curriculums.

Set in the year 2540, this classic text explores an imagined future divided into factions and riddled with issues that stem from an attempt to cultivate a perfect society.

While walking, the young man receives a whipping until he falls and dies.

The other Indians worship a statue of a man on a cross and an eagle.

Since there is no live birth in the outside society, Lenina finds the scene of a woman nursing a child to be disgusting.

She then discovers that both she and Bernard forgot their soma, so she has to see the village consciously rather than through the veil of the narcotic.


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