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The reference page of the paper needs to also include the artist, author (if different from the performer) and album name, if applicable.A CD reference requires the quote of the passage followed by a reference to the author and the CD title.

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These "poetic essays" or "essayistic poems" give primacy to artfulness over the conveying of information. It is suggestive rather than exhaustive." It might move by association, leaping from one path of thought to another by way of imagery or connotation, advancing by juxtaposition or sidewinding poetic logic.Or, storyless, it may spiral in on itself, circling the core of a single image or idea, without climax, without a paraphrasable theme.The lyric essay stalks its subject like quarry but is never content to merely explain or confess.Poets such as Sarah Manguso and Nick Flynn have written masterpieces of the lyric memoir. Plenty of poets have written cogent, journalistic pieces or chronologically coherent personal essays over the years.And there's the simple--not to be underestimated--sway of aesthetic appeal.It partakes of the essay in its weight, in its overt desire to engage with facts, melding its allegiance to the actual with its passion for imaginative form. Given its genre mingling, the lyric essay often accretes by fragments, taking shape mosaically - its import visible only when one stands back and sees it whole.The stories it tells may be no more than metaphors.Under the fair use doctrine of the United States copyright law, a phrase, bridge or section of a song can be quoted in small portions.The law isn’t specific as to the percentage of words from the song you can use or how many words in total you can quote from a particular song in the text.They forsake narrative line, discursive logic, and the art of persuasion in favor of idiosyncratic meditation. Generally it is short, concise and punchy like a prose poem.The lyric essay partakes of the poem in its density and shapeliness, its distillation of ideas and musicality of language. As Helen Vendler says of the lyric poem, "It depends on gaps. But it may meander, making use of other genres when they serve its purpose: recombinant, it samples the techniques of fiction, drama, journalism, song, and film.


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