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However, after ten weeks the work at Colophon was also interrupted—this time by the Greco-Turkish War.When the team returned, the antiquities from the excavation, with the exception of inscriptions they had reburied, were gone.Completed in 1927, Eutresis was the only of Goldman’s major excavations not to be interrupted by a war.

However, after ten weeks the work at Colophon was also interrupted—this time by the Greco-Turkish War.When the team returned, the antiquities from the excavation, with the exception of inscriptions they had reburied, were gone.Completed in 1927, Eutresis was the only of Goldman’s major excavations not to be interrupted by a war.

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Her current research project examines nineteenth-century British travel narratives in Alaska and the Arctic for the material traces of their religious context.

Hetty Goldman was born December 19, 1881, in New York City, to a family of material and intellectual means.

Hetty Goldman and her three siblings attended the Sachs School for Boys and Girls, founded by their uncle Julius Sachs, who had studied Classics in Germany.

A cousin, Paul Sachs, mentored a generation of American museum directors as a Professor at Harvard University and an influential Assistant Director of Harvard’s Fogg Museum.

One of Goldman’s instructors had recently taken part in one of the first American excavations in Greece.

After graduation, Goldman continued study in Classics at Columbia University and also worked as a manuscript reader.She wrote to Flexner from Tarsus in 1938, “The excavation is my first love and fundamentally I fear I am a wandering spirit.” During World War II, however, Goldman settled into life at the Institute, from which vantage she sponsored refugees from Europe.She returned to Tarsus in 1946–47, but it would be her last year of active excavation. She was still immersed in publishing material from Tarsus when a conference was held at the Institute in 1956 on the occasion of her seventy-fifth birthday and a festschrift was published in her honor.During the wars, Goldman volunteered as a nurse in the Red Cross in Greece. In the fall of 1918, she represented the Joint Distribution Committee for the Relief of Jewish War Sufferers in Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania.Her sister, Agnes Goldman Sanborn, later noted that “Her experience with the peasant soldiers, who scarcely knew why they were fighting, left an indelible impression, and rendered her for all time peculiarly responsive to the appeal of suffering.” When the First World War erupted in 1914, Goldman returned to Radcliffe, where she earned her Ph. She distributed funds, formed distribution committees among Jewish communities, and negotiated with governments to supply temporary housing to those whose homes had been destroyed.So it is perhaps natural that a prehistorian sooner or later turns his eyes to Asia Minor for the solution to the problem of cultural origins in Greece and also for the study of the repercussions of prehistoric Greek culture upon the country from which it derived.” In October 1936, a year into the excavation, Goldman received an invitation to join the Faculty of the Institute.She wrote to Abraham Flexner, the Institute’s founding Director, that after a discussion with Meritt she saw “the possibility of undisturbed work under conditions which certainly could not be equaled anywhere in America.” In addition to Meritt, she would be joining the archaeologist Ernst Herzfeld, also appointed to the Institute’s Faculty in 1936, who excavated in the Near East and who was interested in both ancient and Islamic sites.After the war, now serving as a representative for the Fogg Museum, Goldman chose Colophon, a Turkish city then controlled by Greece, as the site of her second major excavation.Her team included Benjamin Meritt, who in 1935 would become the first historian appointed to the newly formed Institute for Advanced Study.Ten years later, she became the second recipient of the Archaeological Institute of America’s highest award, the Gold Medal for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement.The award paid tribute, the citation stated, to “a perceptive and witty student of human relations, a renowned Anatolian specialist and the dean of Classical and Near Eastern archaeology in this country.” Hetty Goldman died May 4, 1972, in Princeton, at the age of ninety.


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