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Do you have amazing ideas about how to run your business but not only can you not find the time to implement them have never written them down?

Do they have experience targeting the population I focus on? Do they have personality, attitude, and motivation? They held formal and informal interviews and gave me questionnaires to gather my ideas for the project.

Based on those thoughts, and my budget, they offered several packages for me to choose from.

It comes with great privilege and honor to see a fellow peer have success in their personal and professional live. Business Catalyst Consulting manages digital marketing, including website and social media changes.

They conducted market research to inform their plan.

Their in-depth data analysis allows them to modify sales practices based on fluctuating inventory.

What challenge were you trying to address with Business Catalyst Consulting? We’re owned by another company that took care of a certain amount of our digital marketing, but it wasn’t tailored to our dealership. Business Catalyst Consulting helps us determine what our customers are looking for in a vehicle, both in-person and in a digital environment. What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

In the dealership, they’ve refined our process, from greeting customers and managing the customer qualification process to identifying their needs and values. Thanks to Business Catalyst Consulting’s work, we’re the number one result for specific Google searches. We’re now the number two dealership for our brand in our state.

Regarding digital, they dig through our database, which contains many different kinds of information about customers’ leases. How did Business Catalyst Consulting perform from a project management standpoint? They’ve done very well helping us adjust our sales goals to fit our inventory status.

For example, we now have an Instagram for our business. How did you come to work with Business Catalyst Consulting? We interviewed several groups, but Business Catalyst Consulting had a comprehensive outline of their timeline, services, etc., so we hired them. Our social presence is up by triple digits week after week.

Business Catalyst Consulting manages all of our online presence, putting together numerous successful marketing campaigns such as social media and email blast campaigns. Our sales have increased as a direct result of their online marketing, and we’re consistently attracting new clients.


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