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Should disaster strike you don’t want to discover that your business continuity plan doesn’t actually work – you’ll have other stuff to worry about! Organise a dry run during a quiet period and simulate a power cut or an earthquake – you could even turn it into a fun team building exercise.Walk through every step of your continuity plan and ensure each task is achievable, straightforward and necessary.As mentioned earlier, not all damages from unforeseen circumstances are covered by your insurance.

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Your continuity plan, therefore, should be as detailed as possible, with simple steps that people can follow even if they are extremely pressured or rushed – think of it as an IKEA instruction manual to rebuild your business.

It should clearly set out who will have responsibility for each task that needs completing, what order they should be completed in, and where the relevant person can find the materials or equipment they need to complete their task (e.g.

Even so, a business continuity plan is essential as your business grows – and if the worst should happen it could very realistically save your firm from going under.

When putting a business continuity plan together consider when it will have to be used – probably in the midst of a disaster, emergency, or other incident which is likely to cause stress.

Use our business continuity plan template when you need to assure that no matter what, your company will continue to perform under any circumstance.

When creating any business plan, you must always consider complicated situations that can put your company at risk; this is why having continuity management is a must.Plus, disturbances in operations can negatively affect customer satisfaction, which will then likely impact your income.No matter the size of a business, there are unforeseen circumstances that can affect your operations if you don't prepare ahead of time.One of the reasons why you need to create an effective business plan is to organize your staff when unforeseen circumstances happen.You can use the plan to train them so that they are always prepared even when you are not physically present at the time of the incident.With your plan, you are able to prepare your finances when such a thing happens.Because unforeseen circumstances and disasters affect the entire company, you need to be able to present your plan to stakeholders so that they can have confidence that you are prepared no matter what happens. To help you organize your ideas in the presentation, you can use our template.As a business owner, you need to formulate a plan so that you can maintain operations even when unexpected disasters occur.This is because your insurance covers not all damages.We’ve put together a handy template if you’re putting together your own business continuity plan, based on the actual business continuity plan we use here at Crunch.Download it, fill it out, test it, and be prepared.


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