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Brian Cheek said he once considered getting an outside office for his tutoring business, but decided it just wasn't worth the cost."I have looked into getting an office, but for our current situation, the benefits of being at home outweigh the benefits of moving to an office," Cheek said.

In all, he estimates that running the company from home, which matches students with tutors, saves the business between $1,200 and $2,100 per month.

No one thinks about the fact I do this without a 'real' office."Mapp said she would never give up running her business from home."The freedom of working for myself and the ability to be more involved with my children is so amazing," she said., Smashing Golf & Tennis Kelly Daugherty, whose company sells golf and tennis apparel for women, says she would not have started a business of her own if she couldn't run it from home. But being able to make your child's Halloween party and still get all your conference calls in, really helps your quality of life," she said.

"I can have a conference call in the morning and rush out for preschool pickup by lunch. Daugherty, who has been working on the product line since 2009, officially launched the company in March of this year.

"With the flexibility of my schedule it has been very nice for dropping off and picking up from sporting events that always happen during a work day." Albert admits that one of the drawbacks of running a business from home is that you never really get away from work, but she thinks the pros outweigh the cons.

She says working from home gives her the best of everything and lets her devote time to both her family and her business."People work more than 40 hours a week anyway so you might as well do it in your home," she said., A Plus Home Tutors Inc.

He said it's also helped his company become profitable more quickly."I made a small profit immediately (within a few months) as an individual tutor, and the profits have continued to grow.

Since I had no overhead in the beginning, it was easy to earn a profit.

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