Business Law Question Papers

Our winners Akshat Goyal has secured All India 1st Rank in CA Intermediate May 2019 exams and Ajay Agarwal has secured All India 1st rank in CA final May 2019 exams with ever highest marks in the history of ICAI.VSI is proud of giving the highest CA results in India. OR (b) State briefly the principles on which damages are awarded on the breach of a contract.4.(a) "A seller cannot convey a better title to the buyer than he himself has". OR (b)Define "sale" and "agreement to sell" and distinguish between the two.5.(a) Explain the aims,objectives and scope of Information Techonology Act-2000. Describe briefly the procedure of registration of trade marks in India.6.(a) Explain the appointment and removal of directors.

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Essential elements of Report Writing Kinds of Reports Detailed Format for (iii) above Writing Formal Letters Types of Letters The detailed format for (i) above Points to Remember Sample Letters Exercises How to Write a Formal Mail?

Business Law Question Papers

Writing Effective Mails Essential elements of Mails Tips and Conventions of Mails Sample Mails Exercises Resume Writing Essential Elements of Resume Resume Writing Tips and Conventions Sample Resumes Exercises It becomes quite easy to prepare and write exams if a certain methodology is known.ICM is an Awarding Organisation recognised by Ofqual, The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, in England .This means that the ICM qualifications offered in England will be externally regulated by Ofqual and listed on the Ofqual register.Download CA IPCC business law, Ethics and Communication Question Papers May 2019 in PDF.For other question papers of CA IPC Nov 2018, May 18, Nov 2017, May 17, Nov 2016, may 2016, CA IPC Nov 2015, CA IPC may 2015, CA IPC Nov 2014 check similar section.Features of good Précis writing How to write a Précis Do’s and Don’ts of Précis writing Examples (Passages with Précis) Exercises Article Writing What is an Article?Essential elements of Article Writing Detailed Format Report Writing What is a Report? Submit Previous Years University Question Papers and make money from adsense revenue sharing program Are you preparing for a university examination? OR (b) Explain the causes for compulsory winding- up of a company.Here is the question paper from Kakatiya university of 3rd year which held Annual Exam in the year 2012 Previous years Business Law question paper of 3rd year under Kakatiya University . (III Year) Examination BUSINESS LAWS Paper I (Common to , CC/ Computers / Insurance/ ASM / Taxation/TPP/CSP)Time :3 Hours] [Max. Answer any five of the following in not more than 1 page each:- (a) Distinguish between fraud and misrepresentation (b) What are the reciprocal promises? Download this question paper and score well in the upcoming exams.


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