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You can validate your e Commerce product idea using the adwords keyword planner tool, you can narrow down the search to your country/state of operation and check the competition and monthly search volume. You need to make a list of your competitors , analyze the strength and weakness and chart down a plan to beat them.High monthly search volume and low competition is the ideal case, if the search volume is high it means that the product is in high demand and if the competition is high , it means many other players/advertisers are in the same niche. How are you going to expand your inventory to meet the sales? Do you want to add another niche to your present niche? Lots of awesome competitor analysis tools are available online, these are some of my favorites. Google Google your keyword, and you can get a list of competitors. To get the answer to this question, you need to do a research in your competitor website.You can see the top keywords for which the website is ranking and also the traffic growth.

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Studies shows that e Commerce business are achieving a growth rate of 145% annually.

According to the recent studies by Ernst and Young, the total revenues of the online consumer and retail products for the calendar year just completed were around $25-30 billion.

For instance, if you are starting a dumbbells e Commerce store, some of your hot keywords would be Buy dumbbells online Best dumbbells online Best adjustable dumbbells online (Long tail keywords). For example if you are selling Christmas Tree, Google for "Buy Christmas Tree online" "Best Christmas trees" "Buy Xmas trees" If you are from Australia, google "Buy Christmas Tree Australia" write down your competitors. Semrush Semrush allows you to search for a keyword, and it shows the volume of searches as well as the top leading competitors for the keyword(selling this particular product). Buzz Sumo Buzzsumo allows you to research the top shared(check the social media shares in the below image) and popular contents for a particular keyword, use buzzsumo for your e Commerce niche keyword to see your competitors. Here are some tools which help you in achieving this. Open Site explorer Open Site Explorer shows the popularity and authority of your competitor website.

You should make a list of these keywords and develop products/contents in the keywords which has demand and this can bring in visitors/customers to the website. What if your product gets replaced by some other one ? After using these tools and finding out who all are your competitors, group and write down all your competitors into a list. Just enter the url of your competitor and it'll bring the results.

Market study plays a pivotal role in the success of any ecommerce store.

Customer is your god, you need to do a deep analysis about your customers.In this blog post I'll help you to develop a complete e Commerce business plan.We'll this business plan is completely in the perspective of your ecommerce store only, I havent covered the other financial/tax aspects of your ecommerce store.Analyzing the customer age is really important for the success of your ecommerce portal.For instance, if your product is some kind of teenage tshirts, you need to reach out to the teenagers.This will help you to identify the trends and to achieve a good conversion rate.If you are selling some female apparels , then you need to market your products on behalf of female customers.No one can deny the authority of google and other search engines.Recent studies says that more than 30 percentage of the total traffic of most of the e Commerce/ websites are from Google and other search engines. And it is very much clear from the google trends graph that even though they were almost closer in 2006, protein powder got much greater demand in 2015.If you've decided to start on online business, I'd say its one of your best decision in the right time.The e Commerce sales graph is rising year by year and the amount of money spent through these e Commerce websites shows no signs of decline .


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