Cain Background Essay On The Northern Ireland Conflict

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The conflict in Northern Ireland shaped up to a great human tragedy.

At a political level, the situation was marked by an increasing discrimination of Catholics to the benefit of the Protestants.

On one side stood Unionists and Loyalists – Protestants who identified as British and were determined to maintain British sovereignty over Northern Ireland.

On the other side were the Nationalists, a Catholic minority who had endured decades of political and economic discrimination.

Robberies, bombings, assassinations, and terror tactics led to a greatly decreasing person’s sense of security and a feeling of very restricted personal freedom.

Cain Background Essay On The Northern Ireland Conflict Writing Causal Argument Essay

This deterioration of the social conditions was not without any impact on the economy: the constant threat of bombings, the high cost of security and lack of stable market led many factories to close down or shift their production elsewhere where the cost of security is minimal.Northern Ireland is a region of scenic beauty, rich culture and Celtic charm – but its recent history has been marred by political tension, sectarianism and terrorism.Between 19 the world watched in despair as Northern Ireland was wracked by unrest and violence that bordered on civil war.The decline of Northern Ireland ‘s economy was also accelerated because of the decline of the world economy in the early 1970s and the second oil shock of 1979.As a result of the economy’s recession, the province’s dependence on Great Britain for subsidies to maintain its standard of living increased dramatically.We welcome constructive feedback, suggestions and contributions about this site – please contact us for more information.With the exception of primary sources, all content on this website is © Alpha History 2014-19.Essay 1: From the knowledge you have at present, what factors in your views, contributed to the 35-years conflict in Northern Ireland The conflict in Northern Ireland, as any conflict in history and in any other place in the world, did not erupt on any specific date, but emerged as the result of several years of escalating incidents between Catholics and Protestants.This latest episode of the long-standing conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland has been going on for thirty-five years, and although a peace agreement has been reached, a peaceful resolution to this costly struggle is not yet in sight.This three-decade period is euphemistically referred to as ‘the Troubles’.Trouble had in fact been brewing in Northern Ireland for generations.


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