Can Criminals Be Rehabilitated Essay

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The painful reality is dead people don't give good interviews. And in this instance the murderers' voices are given greater significance by celebrity recitations.

We would like to see the same effort put forth on behalf of murder victims in America."That said, you question the purpose of prison, setting the question within the parameters set by those whose choices and actions put them there.

The way a society treats people convicted of crimes is an indicator of the human values of that society.

Since the 1980s, there has been a call from many in the criminal justice reform community to only use alternatives to incarceration for 'non-violent' or 'non-dangerous' offenders.

As a result of our zealousness to shift the blame, our recidivism rate is over 50 percent, the rate of violent crime is exploding, and our prison populations are still growing.

It is long past time to toss our emotionally charged, hand-wringing, celebrity-driven approaches to crime, criminals, and punishment and focus instead on individual accountability and responsibility."Dianne Clemens is President of Justice for All -- Citizens United Against Crime."What I would say is that the environment of a prison should model in every way how we want prisoners to behave upon their release.

There is not and should not be any entitlement to any tax-supported program while incarcerated.

Our prisons have offered so-called rehabilitation and reform programs for decades at the cost of billions of dollars and countless lives.

Roberts is the Founder and Executive Director of Project Return and the author of "My Soul Said to Me: An Unlikely Journey Behind the Walls of Justice.""Most of us, while growing up, learned that human life was sacred, and that murder is the most profound injustice.

We learned that the courtroom was the place to search for truth and that justice would prevail.


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