Case Study On Training Need Analysis

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For example, if people are asked about training and then don’t receive any, they can get disenchanted.

Think about the availability of funding and possible sources of suitable training and support when carrying out an assessment – you may need to limit what you ask about/offer.

Search for performance gaps that exist between the current state of performance and your preferred performance levels.

Conduct interviews with all internal stakeholders, including employees, frontline supervisors, and senior management.

When you provide your workforce with support for innovation, you can help increase productivity and improve profitability for your business.

However, it’s essential to use TNA best practices to identify performance gaps and whether or not your training material is on par.For example, you can ask employees what their roles include, if they have any performance improvement suggestions and what their desired learning opportunities are.Ask frontline supervisors questions geared towards employee observations and senior management questions regarding operations, such as what may be causing the performance gap..This study intended to investigate the determinants of staff training needs analysis process in Kenyan manufacturing firms by taking a survey study of KTDA Ltd. Traditionally, the company has enjoyed virtual monopoly in the tea sector which has grown over the years hence made Kenya a formidable world tea producer. You can include learner demographics, such as experience and education.Compile and use this information to draw important inferences, such as ideal employee count per department.This can help to prioritise training and support based on the: Although it is helpful to provide some kind of training and support before people take on a new role, for example via an introduction/induction event, until they have spent some time on the job, they may not know what further training or support would be useful.In addition, people’s involvement roles may develop over time extending into new areas of responsibility.It is important to be realistic about training and support opportunities and not to raise expectations too high.If you ask about people’s needs, then you need to be prepared to respond relatively quickly.


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