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For a person who loathes work and responsibilities, it is quite absurd that the only thing he wants to do is to keep all the children from growing up.He says,“I keep picturing these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all.

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Another person whom Holden dislikes and calls a “phony slob” is Dr. This unwarranted hatred towards his principal is attributed to the fact that the headmaster represents what Holden hates. Thurmer is the direct opposite of Holden stands for.

While Holden wants to keep children from growing up, Dr. He also transfers this animosity to his peers, because they are embracing adulthood with zest.

Instead he chooses to go visit his former history teacher, Mr. Being the manager of the school’s fencing team, he was expected to meet them in New York.

However, due to his carelessness, the team’s equipment is lost on the subway and everyone is forced to return early. He just feels amused he jeopardized the team’s plans.

He wants life to be fun just like when he was a kid.

The thought of responsibilities scare him and as a result he loathes being considered a young adult.Salinger’s novel therefore highlights two things: the dangers of embracing childhood for long and not letting go; and the dangers of rushing into adulthood before the right age.Holden’s life basically is an interaction of the two scenarios, which makes him a special case.He also does not want to face problems and thinks running away from them would solve them.So, instead of going home to his parents to inform them of his discontinuation from school, he runs to New York to indulge in activities that are detrimental to his wellbeing.There are several factors about Holden that ruin his adult life experience, which eventually lead him to hate adulthood completely.First of all, he cannot connect with adults well like he does with children.Though he is not yet a grownup, he embarks on a journey that makes him brush shoulders with the reality of adult life.His infamous adventure leads him to resent adulthood and as a result, he tries to avoid it as much as possible.He tries his level best to avoid hard work and responsibilities.A good example of his carefree attitude is when he flunks all his courses, except English and he is subsequently expelled from school.


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