Change Industrialization Essay

These technological hubs draw workers from other areas in the same way factories used to, contributing to urbanization.

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Children were sent to work in factories, where they were exploited and ill-treated; women experienced substantial changes in their lifestyle as they took jobs in domestic service and the textile industries, leaving the agricultural workforce and spending less time in the family home.

This period also saw the creation of a middle class that enjoyed the benefits of the new prosperity.

Initially, this was just to meet the water and food needs of large populations.

However, since the Industrial Revolution, the trend of urbanization along waterways has continued because large bodies of water are needed to sustain industry.

Each city has a progressively higher level of social, environmental and economic prosperity achieved through increased education, government intervention, and social reform.

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Not only do many businesses require large quantities of water to manufacture products, but they also depend on oceans and rivers for the transportation of goods.

This is partially why 75% of the world’s largest urban areas are in coastal regions.

Once an area is industrialized, the process of urbanization continues for a much longer period of time as the area goes through several phases of economic and social reform.

This concept is best illustrated by comparing a city such as Bangkok, located in a lesser-developed country, with an American city such as Los Angeles and a European city such as Berlin.


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