Character Contributes To Conflict In A Story Essay

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In romance, everyone already knows how the book is going to end (happily ever after), so there is no tension over the outcome; the tension (and the page turning) must come from some other source.At least some part of the conflict must be between the hero and the heroine.

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Your characters should be working toward something important and meaningful—saving the ranch, winning the election, bringing the bad guys to justice.

For her character to be powerfully motivated through the story, Greta’s internal goal will need to drive her external goal that will lay the foundation for the plot.

Suppose she learns that the old general store on Main Street has finally come up for sale, and she realizes that she can buy it to start a quilt shop.

Her goal—saving the business—is meaningful and we can sympathize with it. He has to have a sympathetic reason for wanting to take over the heroine’s company.

One way to accomplish this is to give him a misguided external goal based on an internal goal—for example, suppose all he wants is to make his father proud of him, and so he follows in his father’s footsteps by launching hostile takeovers of vulnerable companies.


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