Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Essay

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Every character in the novel introduces the new information concerning the murder of Santiago.

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They are indifferent to the fact that someone can destroy the order of things or make a difference. rquez explores is the virginity of a girl and a mysterious betrayal.

The author converts it into a motif for the killing.

From this particular standpoint, the reader may interpret the role of the authorities being also aware of the murder.

The matter is that the authorities’ attitudes to the issue are the same.

Interestingly, the role of self-respect and the family’s dignity is highly valued in the Latin American society.

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Possibly, due to this reason, people do not notice the importance of the person’s life.The narrative technique that has been described above is accompanied or supplemented by a striking thematic aspect.Chronicle of a Death Foretold is the novel that encompasses a variety of themes that the author criticizes.However, the narrator is rather unreliable due to the reason that he brings into focus the unnecessary details of the murder.The structure of the story is a certain descending gradation that manifests itself in the accumulation of the character’s ideas and observations.The death is foretold and shown from different angles and interpretations by the means of clustering together a wide range of characters.They know beforehand or assume that something terrible is going to happen.Additionally, it is reasonable to take into account a thematic background of the novel and enlarge upon the significance of the integration in terms of the structure, themes, and stylistic display.However, the main aesthetic principle is the use of magical realism that sets the tone and creates a mysterious atmosphere.It occurs because of the scope of elements that are evident in the text of the story. The allusions function as the ways to ridicule the society and the people’s attitude to religion.Latin Americans are mostly dazzled by religion to the extent that they simply do not notice the threats. However, the most vivid theme of religion may be seen through the prism of the murderer of Santiago Nasar. Thus, Chronicle of a Death Foretold is highly symbolical.


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