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Competitive swimming got its start as early as 36 B.

Competitive swimming got its start as early as 36 B.C., but North American swimming has its roots in the British National Swimming Association.

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Swimming was my favorite thing to do and still is....

[tags: High school, College, Swimming, Swimming] - The study of physics and fluid dynamics in swimming has been a field of increasing interest for study in the past few decades among swimming coaches and enthusiasts.

- I learn swimming at the age of 23 I remember going in the water for the first time it was in one of the beaches in NH I cannot remember really well.

My husband and his family just assume I knew how to swim. I have been to the beach before, but we do not get into the water, it much more for hanging out and dating spot dressed in sun dresses while the wind blow your skirt left and right not getting wet.

One of the most severe injuries that can occur is that of a spinal injury....

[tags: Swimming Coaches Risk Management Essays] - Competitive swimming is a sport full of juxtaposing ideologies and personal struggle with little camaraderie.

A power stroke uses more energy and covers greater distances in less time.

The sidestroke and elementary-backstroke are two more rest strokes used in swimming....

I remember my husband and I got in the water and his parent were in the water as well, I was just standing everyone were swimming I was asked to join and swim under the water I looked at them as if they were crazy....

[tags: Mind, Thought, Swimming, Swimming] - Swimming is a physical activity that has that has a long part in human history, that has evolved a lot since the past, and is very beneficial to the health of your not only your body but also your mind.


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