Comparative Research Paper

You should use the previous steps in order to do this.The thesis of a comparative analysis is closely connected to the grounds on which you have based it.Your job here is to elaborate whether those two things corroborate, contradict, correct, complicate, extend or debate one another.

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It may consist of a question, theme, problem, theory or an idea.

Also, it may be in the form of a similar things’ group, out of which you take two and place your complete attention.

If you fail to construct this type of content, your paper will lack focus and frame, which will prevent you from creating a meaningful argument.

The two things you are about to compare in the analysis should not be compared in a broad manner.

When your professor or employer assigns you a comparative analysis paper, you will be asked to weight and discuss two different things, similar in a specific point.

The majority of comparative analysis papers are written in high school and in college.

In the final type of assignments, you may not even be given a frame of reference or sources for its creation.

When this happens, you are the one that must come up with the frame of reference.

When making the frame of reference, the best way is to construct this part out of specific sources.

Using your own observations, thoughts and ideas is always a bad thing to do in this particular comparative analysis step.


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