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Multisensory instruction can also help children become more invested in the classroom.Results of a study by Molenda and Bhavangri (2009) stated that students become emotionally involved in multi-sensory activities in the classroom.

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I love that the cards tell the child where to start and which direction to go.

Sandpaper letters are part of the Montessori approach to learning how to read. The best way to teach children alphabet letters is by telling them their phonetic sound.

My favorite ones are Didax Sandpaper Tracing Letters or School Supply Tactile Letters Kit.

This is a perfect pre-writing activity because children use their finger to trace the sandpaper letters.

We loved reading all of them because they were different from each other.

I found that around 18 months both my kids really started enjoyed reading alphabet books. Sandpaper Letters Using sandpaper letters is a great way to introduce letters to children.A standard expectation in education is that young students learn how to write legible well-formed letters.Research shows that handwriting is a foundational skill that can influence students’ reading, writing, language use, and critical thinking (Saperstein Associates 2012).It has an important role in brain development, is necessary alongside technology in the classroom, and promotes success in other academic subjects.Handwriting provides children with the opportunity to create internal models for the symbol system necessary to succeed in academic disciplines (Dinehart 2013).While some kids learn letters very quickly, others need more repetition and time to learn letters.Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways to teach the alphabet to little ones. Sing Songs Singing the alphabet song to your child introduces the letters to them in a fun way.Here are ten multi-sensory/hands-on approaches to help children develop handwriting skills and address problems such as illegible letters/numbers, inconsistency in letter/number size, and letter/number reversals. Surface Tracing Show your child a letter and ask him/her to pay attention to how it is formed/shaped.Then ask your child to try to trace it from memory on a table, door, window etc. If your child is really struggling to trace or guess the letters, have her put her hand on yours while you trace the letter or put your hand on hers while you guide her to trace the letter.These letters provide a tactile and visual way to help children learn the alphabet. So each time they trace the letter, say the phonetic sound. Ask your child to follow simple directions with the letters.In the Montessori method, you teach letters to a child in the 3-period lesson. For example, please pick up the /m/ and set it by the window.


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