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For example, did you know that you can buy wall coverings and even paint that you can write and draw on?

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The first and only rule is that there are no bad ideas.

Have a specific topic, whether it’s how to save money on office supplies or how to save a client that’s about to jump ship.

Ideas can come out of nowhere, often at the most inopportune times (see shower, above).

Got to write Creativity and innovation cannot be planned.

Because the success of your entire marketing strategy hangs on your ability to apply creativity and innovation in ways that will save you both time and money.

Creativity in writing is an important first step, whether you’re blogging, tweeting, or writing a client proposal.Children are the most creative beings on the planet.Take a page from a child’s book and design a work environment where people feel free to get a little crazy.Collaboration can happen either in person or in a virtual environment, using one of the many electronic tools available for online meetings, yet another time and money saver to add to your arsenal.In order to succeed, people must have the freedom to fail.As you start to feel happiness in your heart for blessings large and small, you will instantly relax.When you feel good inside, you are open to creative energy.If you and your people are afraid to take risks, you’ll plod through your work days without much enthusiasm and excitement.With nothing to feed your creativity, your marketing goals (and eventually your business) will wither.Make your workplace a space where creativity happens naturally.Get people together for weekly brainstorming meetings.


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