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Of particular interest to Great Britain was the maintenance of open trade or access routes to India and the East which meant preventing Russian expansion to the Mediterranean Sea.One could easily suggest that the Crimean War resulted from many misplayed hands due to poor decisions based on shifting allegiances and insufficient understanding of the different motives of each nation.The British government made several official attempts to document the progress of the war through the relatively new medium of photography.

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The officers of these units seemed to enjoy the pomp-and-circumstance of the parade-ground more than they understood the mechanics of war.

The troops were, nonetheless, highly disciplined units.

Overall, the successful battlefield tactics of the Napoleonic Wars were still the focus of the soldier's training.

While the technology of weaponry was improving, the standard conduct of war was slow to evolve.

To the dismay of some, the invading armies failed to immediately pursue the retreating Russian forces.

It quickly became evident that the failure to achieve the anticipated swift conclusion to the fighting in the Crimea was not for lack of bravery.

He proposed sending a photographer to the Crimea to provide evidence that would mitigate the negative reports appearing in the newspapers.

Thomas Agnew's proposal was strictly a private, commercial venture that needed only the sanction of the government to allow it to proceed.

While these photographs present a substantial documentary record of the participants and the landscape of the war, there are no actual combat scenes, nor are there any scenes of the devastating effects of war.

The Library of Congress purchased 263 of Fenton's salted paper and albumen prints from his grandniece Frances M.


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