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Adah feels inadequate and inferior to her twin because others see her as “the white little crooked girl” (135) and Leah is “perfect.” (34) Leah is portrayed as “Goddess of the Hunt,” (62) while Adah is “Quasimodo” (62).Adah fights against this image of herself as the defective version of Leah by working to develop her mind where her body is weak.

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Although Adah always seems to go “too slowly,”(136) she “can read and write French”(57) whereas Leah never “slow[s] down long enough to learn.”(57) By going more slowly, Adah sometimes understands and sees more than Leah.

To Adah, knowledge is power, so she ensures on that plane she is equal or greater to Leah.

Later, when the door slammed for the last time, and my father left for good, I lay in the dark with my older brother and younger sister and listened to my mother and her boyfriends.

Sometimes the men she brought home stayed the night, and sometimes they didn't.

The Power of Poisonwood Power is a latent and reoccurring theme in The Poisonwood Bible.

“History is most often told from the point of view of the most powerful,”(Clare) but this novel itself fights this perk of power to give voice to the stories of the powerless and marginalized.The struggle for power, which resonates deeply within The Poisonwood Bible, is a universal theme that encompasses each tier of the story: The individual, the family, the village, the country, and the world.Adah’s character in particular illuminates these relationships and contributes meaning to the work. It is the opposite of when you touch something hot and it takes a second to feel the pain.I cannot really talk about all the ways my father hurt me.Kingsolver is able to tie Adah’s insurrection against her cruel father to the bigger picture of the Congo’s fight against an oppressive ruler.Throughout the novel, Adah is often compared to her twin sister Leah by herself and the most successful practitioner of a style in contemporary fiction that might be called Nice Writing.Nice Writing is a violent affability, a deadly sweetness, a fatal gentle touch.Kingsolver often uses the antithesis of Adah and Leah or of the weak and the powerful to further illuminate the plight of the recently freed Congo amongst unsympathetic world powers. She is able to correct her limp, but believes she is still “to some extent crooked and always too slow.” This fight for power over her own body and the power of a positive perception of herself mirror the continuing conflict in the Congo.The crippled country continues trying to straighten out the crookedness it has suffered since its infancy and gain power within its own borders.


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