Critical Thinking Exam Questions And Answers

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In such a case, the candidate may be tempted to answer a given question utilizing their own knowledge and experience.This is ill-advised as the tests are usually used to measure the critical thinking ability and require answers to be based solely on given facts and conditions.The correct answer based on the candidate’s personal perception might be different from the answer that will be true for the context given in the problem.

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While answering the test, you should look for such statements that contradict each other and defy the logic.

The whole answer to the question should be based on the presence of such statements and the logical relationship between them.

There may be a sentence in the question that presents a fact or a logic from a given perspective, and there may be another statement contradicting the former.

This counter statement may immediately follow the original sentence where the chances of it being misinterpreted by you are high; or it may be hidden somewhere else in the passage, in between more relevant data and so it may not be easily recognized.

Regular practice helps you become acquainted with the format of the exam and the questions you might expect.

It strengthens the ability of you to identify logics and analyze their validity.

You may also recognize your areas of strengths and weakness, and improve upon the same. is your number 1 online practice aptitude test and assessment provider.

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You may interpret a question the wrong way and so may give an incorrect answer, which in your perspective might be the right one.

Thorough reading and re-reading of the question and the passage may be helpful.


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