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This involves careful consideration of the meaning of what the author is trying to convey and involves being critical as well as active.

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Once you have selected a suitable piece the next step is to speed-read.

Speed reading is also often referred to as skim-reading or scanning.

Different authors will, naturally, have different slants.

You should always examine what you are reading critically and look for limitations, omissions, inconsistencies, oversights and arguments against what you are reading.

You will, in formal learning situations, be required to read and critically think about a lot of information from different sources.

It is important therefore, that you not only learn to read critically but also efficiently.

In academic circles, whilst you are a student, you will be expected to understand different viewpoints and make your own judgements based on what you have read.

Critical reading goes further than just being satisfied with what a text says, it also involves reflecting on what the text describes, and analysing what the text actually means, in the context of your studies.

It is important that, before you begin to read, you have a question or set of questions that will guide you - why am I reading this?

When you have a purpose to your reading you want to learn and retain certain information.


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