Cry The Beloved Country Persuasive Essay

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Paton contrasts Kumalo and Dubula to argue that a policy of cooperation and optimism is a far more effective political strategy than attempting to stir up anger and stoking a community’s desire for vengeance.

On the surface, Dubula and John Kumalo seem bonded by their desire to end the tyranny of whites over blacks in South Africa.

The white people, on the other hand, ensured that the blacks would not enjoy the natural resources found in their lands, such as gold.

The problem of racial inequality was quite important in the described community because it defined its course of development and social life (Paton 29).

Such inequality led to the crimes performed by the natives, poverty, and hopelessness.

Besides, the theme of racial oppression is topical even in the modern world, which makes the issue actual.

The author also describes how James Jarvis’s attitude towards black people transformed after reading the writings of his son, and he no longer felt hate towards those who had killed him.

The theme of racial inequity is quite strong in the story.

Cry, the Beloved Country is a story set in 1946 about the Reverend Stephen Kumalo, who receives a letter from Msimangu, another reverend from the City of Johannesburg, saying that his sister is sick and is in need of help (Paton 15).

Kumalo’s travel to Johannesburg leads him to learn that his sister became a drug abusing prostitute, and his son Absalom became a criminal.


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