Ctel Exam Essay Questions

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Verify that a high level of intrusion is being achieved by the test tools D.

Check that new tests focus on new features of the framework Sample Exam CTEL TA-E Page 6 of 13 4 July, 2014 Question 8 K3 Your organization has a new automated test suite that needs to be verified for consistency and correct behavior.

Which of the following is a logical next step to further validate the environment? Run the automation tests to make sure the appropriate tests pass and fail B.

Upgrade the test tools to the latest versions, including service packs C.

A project that tracks traceability outside the test automation framework Question 3 K4 You are working on a project that has use cases to describe the requirements.

You have analyzed the project and have determined that you will use scenario-based test generation and will use risk assessments to determine the priority of implementation of the automation for the various use cases. You should not be using scenario-based test generation.Table of Contents Table of Contents Introduction Purpose of this document Instructions Agile Tester Sample Questions...4 Question 1 K Question 2 K Question 3 K Question 4 K Question 5 K Question 6 K Question 7 K Question 8 K Question 9 K Question 10 K Question 11 K Question 12 K Question 13 K Question 14 K Question 15 K Essay Essay Essay Sample Exam CTEL TA-E Page 2 of 13 4 July, 2014 0.What should you do to ensure your implementation will handle these? Test the software manually first to ensure there are no unexpected errors B.Write code that will bypass all unexpected pop-up dialogs by closing them and continuing with the execution C.You have reviewed the situation and have made a number of observations. The software to be automated is part of a regression suite that is run at least twice a quarter and is expected to be needed for at least the next three years. The tests are quite complex and prone to tester error during execution. There is a widely used open source tool that is compatible with the development platform. Given this information, which of the following is likely to be an obstacle to the automation effort? The test environment may be unstable and the updates may cause the automation to fail. The tests are complex and will be difficult to automate given that the manual execution is error-prone. No commercial tools are available for this implementation on this platform. There is no UI to use for the automation and API automation is not cost effective.No affordable commercial tools support the platform. The team has just changed from an Agile development process to a V-Model. Question 7 K3 Your organization has set up a new environment for the automated tests.Introduction 0.1 Purpose of this document This document contains a full sample exam following the rules described in the ISTQB Expert Level Exam Structure and Rules document.The sample questions, answer sets and associated justifications in this document have been created by a team of subject matter experts and experienced question writers with the aim of assisting ISTQB Member Boards and Exam Boards in their question writing activities as well as people planning to take the ISTQB Expert Level Test Automation Engineering examination.You have selected scenario-based notation for the test definition. You need to focus on transition/state/path coverage when generating the test cases. Since your application is data-based, you now need to specify a data-driven method that you will use to define the tests. You need to select the test execution tool and make sure it will work with the test generation approach you have selected. You need to make a full estimate for the automation effort, including manpower allocation, resource usage, training requirements, and cost/benefit analysis.You have also worked with the infrastructure and development teams and have determined which monitoring and analysis tools will be used during execution. Sample Exam CTEL TA-E Page 4 of 13 4 July, 2014 Question 4 K4 You are ready to deploy your test automation solution to the organization.


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