Darkness At Noon Essay By Harold Krents

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If all has gone well you should now have a flame lit.You’ll know because you’ll hear it fwish and feel the heat. If your cigarettes have filters, when you open the pack of cigarettes the filters will be facing you, that is, filters = top of pack, end of cigarette you burn equals bottom.

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Yet, he smokes cigarettes, and it’s an important part of the story, since when his neighbor visits, she doesn’t know he’s blind, and teases him about flipping his ashes on the coffee table, which he doesn’t realize, because she had picked up the ashtray to use it herself.

But got me wondering what would make someone blind from birth even take up smoking.

It is surely an unfortunate irony, that the disabled citizen must not only deal with his own burdens, but also, the imaginary ones placed upon him by society.

Krents supports his statements using appealing illustrative stories with effective imagery.

I don’t mention it in the blog because it usually isn’t germain to railing against god or drug laws or the fact that HBO canceled luck or whatever I usually talk about, but this time its important for the post. But I was bored and so I was looking through the topics, found one about what blind people think they miss out on. Its not like the trigger on a gun, it feels more like the spray button on cleaning fluid, its flat and doesn’t push down very far. The trigger part faces towards you, the hole faces away from you.

Some kid said he didn’t know how to smoke cigarettes. You can’t post to the forum unless you have an account, and I’d made one four years ago to ask a question about something which I hadn’t used since it got answered. You know your doing this right because your hand makes a fist around the lighter and your thumb is free, kind of hovering over the thing.But I went back and found my username just so I could write this little essay on how to smoke if you can’t see. Now take your thumb, and rub it quickly down the wheel.So to old men going blind, curious people with vision and my fellow members of the army of darkness, enjoy. The bottom of the bick is flat, the top is raised with a wheel. You want to push, not mad hard, you’ll figure it out when the wheel turns.The only article I could find on this topic on the internet is from a 1884 Times newspaper, 130 years old!Since I’m not a subscriber I was only allowed to read the headline and the first paragraph, but it was about someone who ran an institute for the blind saying it was nonsense that the participants did not enjoy doing so. So I have my own thing I think I missed out on, but first let me respond to the smoking thing. As the wheel turns, your thumb should almost automaticly slide down to the trigger.Once it hits the trigger, push the trigger and keep your hand there.Krent’s chooses to use words which are effective, and relay a definite scene to the reader.Some examples are: “…enunciating each word very carefully”, “..Now when you smoke, hold your cigarette between pointer and middle fingers, almost but not quite at the tip.When you aren’t actually dragging on the cigarette you should lower your hand, you don’t leave your hand up in front of your face.


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